Halie H || Maine Senior Photographer

01You know those people who you meet, and the only word you can think of to describe them is fun? The kind of people who you instantly feel comfortable with, from the first time you seem them on your doorstep? Well, Halie is that person! I’d emailed and texted back and forth with her quite a bit trying to work out a time for a session, but it’s so hard to get a feel for somebody’s personality before you meet them face to face. Right from the first few frames I shot I knew it was going to be such a fun session – and Halie didn’t disappoint at all!

It’s also great when a client (I hate that word!) brings their family and/or a friend, and Halie’s session was no different. As I was trying to talk Halie through poses her cheering squad was behind me showing her exactly what I want…not only helpful but totally hilarious :) Thanks Halie for such a fun evening!

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Ashleigh T || Maine Senior Photographer

01Now that school has started back up scheduling sessions has gotten crazy! Most of the seniors I’ve worked with not only have to go to school all week but then they work almost every day too, so it can be a little hard to plan sessions in advance. Ashleigh and I had finally found a day that worked for us both and then it poured. I mean dumping BUCKETS poured. As much as I hate cancelling, we decided last minute we’d find another day. Well, not long after I got back from Elly’s session I got a message from Ashleigh asking if I was free and wanted to do her session that evening. Yay, spontaneity!

Ashleigh brought her friend Kelsey to wander Boothbay Harbor with us and I had so much fun getting to know the two of them. It’s always fun to watch people warm up to the camera, and Ashleigh was no exception. By the end of our time together it was like she’d been modeling for years! Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together.

02 03 04 05 06

This was shortly after she realized she’d left her boots somewhere in town…don’t worry, we found them!

07 08 09

Elly B || Maine Senior Photographer


When Elly said she wanted to do her portraits at her family’s farm I’ll admit it – I was COMPLETELY THRILLED! A not-so-little-known fact about me is that I love cows. They’re seriously my favorite animal, I think they’re super cute. Therefore when a super cute high school senior wants her pictures done with her cow I get REALLY excited! Elly was so easy going and it made it so easy to get some adorable photos of her – with and without Lilly the cow!

It doesn’t hurt that her farm made the perfect backdrop to senior photos…and how cute is that dress?! Elly kept saying she felt “too country” but I’ve got to be honest here, I think she completely rocked it. After one of the shots I looked at the back of my camera and said “Goodness this belongs on Pinterest!”. Seriously, though. It did! Enjoy some of my favorites from my time with Elly!

002003 004 005006 007


This left frame is the Pinteresty one…see what I’m saying?!


Elly you’re adorable and I had so much fun!


Emily + Logan || Maine Wedding Photographer

023This blog post is way overdue, but I’ll be honest here.  Blogging a wedding takes a lot more time than a portrait session and I was a little bit intimidated by it! With a couple this adorable and this in love, though, once I finally decided to buckle down and finish it up it really wasn’t that painful at all ;)

I posted Logan and Emily’s VERY short engagement session a little while ago and talked a bit about how it was pouring. I mean an absolute downpour! Well it couldn’t have been nicer for the day of their wedding so it all worked out perfectly in the end! It was sunny and warm all day – the perfect day for an August wedding.

Emily was so involved in her wedding day planning she even helped do the bridesmaids’ hair, which I think is pretty awesome :)


Emily wore her grandmother’s necklace and I was so glad to be there to photograph her mom helping her put it on

007 005a 004 While I was with the girls, Melissa was with Logan and the guys while they got ready – a much quicker process!

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Like Logan and Emily, Logan’s parents were highschool sweethearts!

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014 015 016 017 018 019

The happily married (FINALLY!) couple – and some pretty gorgeous shoes!


Another awesome shot by Melissa…love my extremely talented best friend


All of their parents were so proud of them and it was amazing to watch the two families come together


The whole day had a vintage military theme and Emily did such an amazing job with all of her decorating!

022 024 025 026 028 029

The next two frames are Melissa’s as well…I’m in love with the way Logan looks at Emily!

031 032 033 034 035 036 037 038

Emily’s mom and sister…no words.

039 040 041 042 043

Thank you so much to this sweet couple and their families for letting me be a part of this beautiful day!046 047 045 044


Dress | David’s Bridal

DJ | Vicki + Walter Hilton

Cakes + Cupcakes | Crissy’s Breakfast and Coffee Bar

Flowers | WildeFlower Event Design

Bride + Bridesmaids Hair | Acasa Hair Salon

Lori M || Maine Senior Photographer

01Early last week I blogged about Ashley and how it was such a fun way to kick off my senior sessions for the class of 2014…Well only a week after Ashley’s session I got to spend time with another awesome senior, and one of Ashley’s best friends, Lori. Let me tell you, these are girls I would totally be friends with. Both of them were so sweet and so genuine, and it made it a pleasure to spend time with them and it totally didn’t seem like “work” at all.
Within a few minutes of showing up, Lori admitted that she normally hated having her picture taken but that this was different…they were her senior pictures! I totally loved that attitude because it’s totally true – a senior session should be all about you as one of the first events entering your senior year and heading towards graduation. We started toward Freeport but then because of all the summer traffic I asked Lori if she would be okay with going somewhere closer and I am so glad she agreed to it. The spontaneous change of plans gave us more time for photos before the sun went down and it was so worth it.




And then there was a bridge…I hate bridges. Lori hate bridges. But it was gorgeous, so we both braved it! You can’t even tell that she kept asking if we were sure the bridge was safe!




Paige + John || Maine Engagement Photographer


Today seems like another good day for an engagement session – and this one’s a little bit special to me! I’ve known Paige for quite a few years now and I was so excited back in the spring when she asked me if I would be one of her bridesmaids for her wedding this fall. Um…of course!? Paige is a fellow photographer, so she totally gets why it’s so important to have an engagement session. I mean, you don’t ONLY want pictures of you in your formal clothes as a wedded couple right!?

Emily + Logan || Maine Engagement Photographer


I announced yesterday that I had quite a few sessions to share, and a handful of different types. I figured it was best to mix them up, so today I thought I would share a mini-engagement session for the couple whose wedding I’ll be blogging soon! Because of Logan’s service with the USMC he didn’t get home until just a few days before the wedding, which unfortunately meant I didn’t get a chance to do a full engagement session with he and Emily. HOWEVER, I did ask them if it would be okay if I stole them for a few minutes before their rehearsal to do some portraits of them before the big day and was SO excited when they said I could! (more…)